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Welcome To Ronin Refugee Project

In ancient Japan , the class of masterless warriors were known as “Ronin”. They epitomized the warrior’s creed, and yet wandered without a country, home, or flag to serve.

Since 9/11, thousands of special trained advisors have been sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. Our mission was to partner with local forces, creating a path toward stability through strengthening relationships with the local people.

Over the course of nearly 15 years of sustained combat operations, a tightly knit community of warriors has emerged that transcends differences of nationality, race, and religion. Our bonds are based on the love shared between brothers, formed through blood, sweat, and tears on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of our wartime allies have chosen to flee their homes due to debilitating personal injury and/or imminent threat to self or family. We stand by their decision because given the conditions, we would do the same.

With a rapidly deteriorating security situation and an exodus of innocent people from war-torn regions, our wartime allies are swept into the over-tasked and under-resourced international refugee system where they are marginalized, targeted, and even hunted for their work with American troops. They are the Ronin of our international warrior community, and it is imperative that we support them in their struggle to find “home.”

Help us in our endeavor to enable veterans to honor our creed to never leave a fallen comrade behind. We won’t rest until our brothers in arms are safe.

Please visit our project page to learn more about our activities, visit the About Page to learn about the project’s founders and key staff, and visit the Contact Page to begin dialog with our team. We are currently engaged in a fundraising drive which we need help with. Visit the Donate Page for more information.